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Volume 28, 2003
ISSN 0361-7734




AOD Award of Excellence: Dr Lawrence L Clark 2 207.

AOD Hollenback Memorial Prize: Dr John W Osborne 2 208.

Clinician of the Year Award: Dr Mark J Modjean 1 100.



Effect of Home-Use Bleaching Gels on Fluoride Releasing Restorative Materials (ZC Cehreli, R Yazici & F García-Godoy) 5 605-609.

Effects of In-Office Bleaching Products on Surface Finish of Tooth-Colored Restorations (P Wattanapayungkul & AUJ Yap) 1 15-19.

Microhardness and Color Changes of Human Dentin with Repeated Intracoronal Bleaching (YL Lai, ML Yang & SY Lee) 6 786-792.

Reversal of Compressed Bonding to Bleached Teeth (AD Kaya & M Türkün) 6 825-829.

Buonocore Memorial Lecture

Adhesion to Enamel and Dentin: Current Status and Future Challenges (B Van Meerbeek, J De Munck, Y Yoshida, S Inoue, M Vargas, P Vijay, K Van Landuyt, P Lambrechts & G Vanherle) 3 215-235.



Dentinal Composition and Knoop Hardness Measurements of Cavity Floor Following Carious Dentin Removal with Carisolv (M Hossain, Y Nakamura, Y Tamaki, Y Yamada, JA Jayawardena & K Matsumoto) 4 346-351.

Early Detection of Secondary Caries Using Quantitative, Light-Induced Fluorescence (C González-Cabezas, M Fontana, D Gomes-Moosbauer & GK Stookey) 4 415-422.

Evaluation of Active and Arrested Carious Dentin Using a pH-imaging Microscope and an X-ray Analytical Microscope (N Hiraishi, Y Kitasako, T Nikaido, RM Foxton, J Tagami & S Nomura) 5 598-604.

Fluorescence-Aided Caries Excavation (FACE) Compared to Conventional Method (ÁM Lennon) 4 341-345.

Initial In Situ Secondary Caries Formation: Effect of Various Fluoride-Containing Restorative Materials (AM Kielbassa, J Schulte-Monting, F García-Godoy & H Meyer-Lueckel) 6 765-772.


Interfacial Gaps Following Ceramic Inlay Cementation vs Direct Composites (K Iida, S Inokoshi & N Kurosaki) 4 445-452.

Marginal Adaptation of Dentin Bonded Ceramic Inlays: Effects of Bonding Systems and Luting Resin Composites (B Haller, K Häßner & K Moll) 5 574-584.

Marginal Adaptation of Indirect Composites and Ceramic Inlay Systems (CJ Soares, LRM Martins, AJ Fernandes & Neto M Giannini) 6 689-694.

Clinical Research

The Clinical Effect of Amorphous Calcium Phosphate (ACP) On Root Surface Hypersensitivity (S Geiger, S Matalon, J Blasbalg, MS Tung & FC Eichmiller) 5 496-500.

Clinical Evaluation of In-office and At-home Bleaching Treatments (R Zekonis, BA Matis, MA Cochran, SE Al Shetri, GJ Eckert & TJ Carlson) 2 114-121.

A Clinical Evaluation of Two In-office Bleaching Products (S Al Shethri, BA Matis, MA Cochran, R Zekonis & M Stropes) 5 488-495.

Comparison of Different DIAGNOdent Cut-off Limits for In Vivo Detection of Occlusal Caries (R Heinrich-Weltzien, J Kühnisch, T Oehme, A Ziehe, L Stösser & F García-Godoy) 6 672-680.

Comparison of Pulp Responses to Resin Composites (PE Murray, LJ Windsor, AA Hafez, RG Stevenson & CF Cox) 3 242-250.

Effect of Resin Viscosity and Enamel Beveling on the Clinical Performance of Class V Composite Restorations: Three-Year Results (LN Baratieri, S Canabarro, GC Lopes & AV Ritter) 5 482-487.

The Effectiveness of Bonded Composite Restorations in the Treatment of Painful, Cracked Teeth: Six-Month Clinical Evaluation (NJM Opdam & FJM Roeters) 4 327-333.

Failure Risk of Posterior Composites with Post-operative Sensitivity (M Hayashi & NHF Wilson) 6 681-688.

Intracoronal Bleaching of Discolored Non-Vital Teeth (M Bizhang, A Heiden, U Blunck, S Zimmer, R Seemann & JF Roulet) 4 334-340.

In Vivo Kinetics of Bleaching Gel with Three-Percent Hydrogen Peroxide Within the First Hour (TA Al-Qunaian, BA Matis & MA Cochran) 3 236-241.

Patient Preference: Conventional Rotary Handpieces or Air Abrasion for Cavity Preparation (HS Malmström, Y Chaves & ME Moss) 6 667-671.

Technique Sensitivity in Bonding to Vital, Acid-etched Dentin (M Ferrari & FR Tay) 1 3-8.

Two-Year Clinical Performance of Class V Resin-Modified Glass-Ionomer and Resin Composite Restorations (WW Brackett, A Dib, MG Brackett, AA Reyes & BE Estrada) 5 477-481.

Clinical Technique/Case Report

Conservative Restoration of Proximal-Cervical Lesions (V Setien, SR Armstrong & MA Vargas) 3 321-323.

Modified Matrix Adaptation for Sub-Gingival Class II Amalgam Restorations (DCN Chan) 4 469-472.

Preserving Tooth Vitality (E Joffe) 4 465-468.


Dental Stone

Microwave Drying of High Strength Dental Stone: Effects on Dimensional Accuracy (AUJ Yap, SH Yap, JCK Teo, CM Tay, KL Ng & HPY Thean) 2 193-199.



Autism Caused by Dental Amalgam? (JW Osborne & JB Summitt) 6 665-666.

Focus (MA Cochran) 4 325-326.

How Do You Know What You Don’t Know, If You Don’t Know? (Richard V Tucker) 2 107-108.

The Second Mouse (MA Cochran) 3 213-214.

Where Have All the Mentors Gone? (MA Cochran) 1 1-2.



Fluoride Release and Uptake Capacities of Fluoride-Releasing Restorative Materials (N Attar & MD Turgut) 4 395-402.


Glass Ionomer

An Assessment of Encapsulated Versus Hand-Mixed Glass Ionomer Restoratives (GJP Fleming & DM Zala) 2 168-177.

Cytotoxicity of Conventional and Modified Glass Ionomer Cements (WH Lan, WC Lan, TM Wang, YL Lee, WY Tseng, CP Lin, MC Chang & JH Jeng) 3 251-259.

Effect of Surface Treatment and Cement Maturation on the Bond Strength of Resin-Modified Glass Ionomers to Dentin (AUJ Yap, A CS Tan, ATS Goh, DCG Goh & KCT Chin) 6 728-733.

Effects of Daily Fluoride Exposures on Fluoride Release by Glass Ionomer-Based Restoratives (R Freedman & KE Diefenderfer) 2 178-185.

Effects of Finishing/Polishing Techniques on Microleakage of Resin-Modified Glass Ionomer Cement Restorations (AUJ Yap, WY Yap, EJC Yeo, JWS Tan & DSB Ong) 1 36-41.

Effects of Instrumentation Time on Microleakage of Resin-Modified Glass Ionomer Cements (AUJ Yap, EJC Yeo, WY Yap, DSB Ong & JWS Tan) 1 47-52.

Physiological Remineralization of Artificially Demineralized Dentin Beneath Glass Ionomer Cements With Without Bacterial Contamination In Vivo (Y Kitasako, M Nakajima, RM Foxton, K Aoki, PNR Pereira & J Tagami) 3 274-280.


In Memoriam

Takao Fusayama (J Tagami) 2 105-106.

Invited Paper

Minimal Intervention Dentistry: Rationale of Cavity Design (GJ Mount) 1 92-99.

Putting It All Together: My Journey in Dentistry (BW Small) 4 461-464.



Effects of Er:YAG and Nd:YAP Laser Irradiation on the Surface Roughness and Free Surface Energy of Enamel and Dentin: An In Vitro Study (V Armengol, O Laboux, P Weiss, A Jean & H Hamel) 1 67-74.

Literature Review

Tooth-Colored Post Systems: A Review (AJE Qualtrough & F Mannocci) 1 86-91.

Luting Agents

Fiber Post Adhesion to Resin Luting Cements in the Restoration of Endodontically-Treated Teeth (D Prisco, R De Santis, F Mollica, L Ambrosio, S Rengo & L Nicolais) 5 515-521.

Mechanical Properties of Luting Cements After Water Storage (A Piwowarczyk & H-C Lauer) 5 535-542.



An Energy Conversion Relationship Predictive of Conversion Profiles and Depth of Cure for Resin-Based Composite (RH Halvorson, RL Erickson & CL Davidson) 3 307-314.

Composite Cure and Shrinkage Associated with High Intensity Curing Light (AUJ Yap, NY Wong & KS Siow) 4 357-364.

Effect of Different Intensity Light Curing Modes on Microleakage of Two Resin Composite Restorations (GKP Barros, FHB Aguiar, AJS Santos & JR Lovadino) 5 642-646.

Effect of Different Photoactivation Methods on the Polymerization Depth of a Light-Activated Composite (LG Cunha, MAC Sinhoreti, S Consani & LC Sobrinho) 2 155-159.

Effect of Power Density on Shrinkage of Dental Resin Materials (TG Oberholzer, CH Pameijer, SR Grobler & RJ Rossouw) 5 622-627.

Effectiveness of Composite Cure Associated with Different Curing Modes of LED Lights (MS Soh, AUJ Yap & KS Siow) 4 371-377.

The Effectiveness of Cure of LED and Halogen Curing Lights at Varying Cavity Depths (MS Soh, AUJ Yap & KS Siow) 6 707-715.

Effects of Light-Curing Time on the Cytotoxicity of a Restorative Resin Composite Applied to an Immortalized Odontoblast-Cell Line (CA de Souza Costa, J Hebling & CT Hanks) 4 365-370.

Influence of Curing Methods and Materials on the Marginal Seal of Class V Composite Restorations In Vitro (N Hofmann, C Siebrecht, B Hugo & B Klaiber) 2 160-167.

Influence of Curing Tip Distance on Resin Composite Knoop Hardness Number, Using Three Different Light Curing Units (DBM Caldas, JB Almeida, L Correr-Sobrinho, MAC Sinhoreti & S Consani) 3 315-320.

Influence of Polymerization Technique on Microleakage and Microhardness of Resin Composite Restorations (LMA Cavalcante, AR Peris, CM Amaral, GMB Ambrosano & LAF Pimenta) 2 200-206.

Influence of the Polymerization Process on Composite Resistance to Chemical Degradation by Food-Simulating Liquids (AUJ Yap, P Wattanapayungkul & SM Chung) 6 723-727.

Polymerization Shrinkage and Microleakage in Class II Cavities of Various Resin Composites (A Civelek, M Ersoy, E L’Hotelier, M Soyman & EC Say) 5 635-641.

Thermal Emission by Different Light-Curing Units (AUJ Yap & MS Soh) 3 260-266.

Provisional Restorations

The Effect of Placement of Glass Fibers and Aramid Fibers on the Fracture Resistance of Provisional Restorative Materials (G Saygili, SM Sahmali & F Demirel) 1 80-85.

Evaluation of Surface Finish and Polish of Eight Provisional Restorative Materials Using Acrylic Bur and Abrasive Disk With and Without Pumice (A Maalhagh-Fard, WC Wagner, FE Pink & AM Neme) 6 734-739.


Effects of Cavity Size on Apoptosis-Induction During Pulp Wound Healing (C Kitamura, Y Ogawa, T Morotomi & M Terashita) 1 75-79.


Recommendations for Clinical Practice

Non-Carious Cervical Lesions 2 109-113.

Resin Bonding

Adhesive Permeability Affects Composite Coupling to Dentin Treated with a Self-Etch Adhesive (FR Tay, DH Pashley & MC Peters) 5 610-621.

Analysis of the Enamel/Adhesive Resin Interface with Laser Raman Microscopy (M Miyazaki, H Sato, H Onose, BK Moore & JA Platt) 2 136-142.

Antimicrobial Properties of Self-Etching Primer-Bonding Systems (ZC Çehrelli, A Stephan & B Sener) 2 143-148.

Bonding of Photo and Dual-Cure Adhesives to Root Canal Dentin (RM Foxton, M Nakajima, J Tagami & H Miura) 5 543-551.

Cytotoxicity Evaluation of Single Component Dentin Bonding Agents (L Vajrabhaya, A Pasasuk & C Harnirattisai) 4 440-444.

Dentin Bonding: Effect of Degree of Mineralization and Acid Etching Time (GC Lopes, LCC Vieira, S Monteiro, Jr, M Caldeira de Andrada & CM Baratieri) 4 429-439.

The Durability of a Fluoride-Releasing Resin Adhesive System to Dentin (M Nakajima, M Okuda, M Ogata, PNR Pereira, J Tagami & DH Pashley) 2 186-192.

The Effect of Air Abrasion with Two New Bonding Agents on Composite Repair (N Öztas, A Alaçam & Y Bardakcy) 2 149-154.

Effect of Application Technique and Dentin Bonding Agent Interaction on Shear Bond Strength (ED Bonilla, RG Stevenson, III, M Yashar & AA Caputo) 5 568-573.

Effect of Bur Cutting Patterns and Dentin Bonding Agents on Dentin Permeability in a Fluid Flow Model (T Vaysman, N Rajan & VP Thompson) 5 522-528.

The Effect of Collagen Removal and the Use of a Low-Viscosity Resin Liner on Marginal Adaptation of Resin Composite Restorations with Margins in Dentin (MAJR Montes, MF de Goes, GMB Ambrosano, RM Duarte & LC Sobrinho) 4 378-387.

The Effect of Elevated Temperatures on the Dentin Adhesion of Resin Composites (WW Brackett, DA Covey & LD Haisch) 3 303-306.

The Effect of Organic Solvents on One-bottle Adhesives Bond Strength to Enamel and Dentin (AF Reis, MT Oliveira, M Giannini, MF De Goes & FA Rueggeberg) 6 700-706.

The Effect on Shear Bond Strength of Rewetting Dry Dentin with Two Desensitizers (MQ Al Qahtani, JA Platt, BK Moore & MA Cochran) 3 287-296.

Effects of Regional Enamel and Prism Orientation on Resin Bonding (Y Shimada & J Tagami) 1 20-27.

Fracture Resistance of Teeth with Class II Bonded Amalgam and New Tooth-Colored Restorations (J Görücü & G Özgünaltay) 5 501-507.

Incompatibility of Self-etch Adhesives with Chemical/Dual-cured Composites–Two-step vs One-step Systems (C Cheong, NM King, DH Pashley, M Ferrari, M Toledano & FR Tay) 6 747-755.

Influence of Eugenol Contamination on the Wetting of Ground and Etched Dentin (JI Rosales-Leal, M Toledano, MA Cabrerizo-Vílchez & PL Millstein) 6 695-699

Influence of the Substrate and Load Application Method on the Shear Bond Strength of Two Adhesive Systems (PEC Cardoso, MA Meloncini, E Placido, JDO Lima & AU Tavares) 4 388-394.

Microtensile Bond Strengths of an Etch&Rinse and Self-Etch Adhesive to Enamel and Dentin as a Function of Surface Treatment (B Van Meerbeek, J De Munck, D Mattar, K Van Landuyt & P Lambrechts) 5 647-660.

Relationship Between Nanoleakage and Microtensile Bond Strength at the Resin-Dentin Interface (S Guzmán-Armstrong, SR Armstrong & F Qian) 1 60-66.

Shear Bond Strength of Current Adhesive Systems to Enamel, Dentin and Dentin-Enamel Junction Region (Y Shimada, N Iwamoto, M Kawashima, MF Burrow & J Tagami) 5 585-590.

Shear Bond Strength of Porcelain Laminate Veneer Bonded with Flowable Composite (MO Barceleiro, MS Miranda, KRHC Dias & T Sekito, Jr) 4 423-428.

Surface pH and Bond Strength of a Self-etching Primer/Adhesive System to Intracoronal Dentin After Application of Hydrogen Peroxide Bleach with Sodium Perborate (H Elkhatib, M Nakajima, N Hiraishi, Y Kitasako, J Tagami & S Nomura) 5 591-597.

Resin Composite

A Quantitative Method of Measuring the Microleakage of Thermocycled or Non-thermocycled Posterior Tooth Restorations (FHB Aguiar, AJ Souza Dos Santos, FMG França, LAMS Paulillo & JR Locadino) 6 793-799.

An In Vitro Comparison of Metal and Transparent Matrices Used for Bonded Class II Resin Composite Restorations (R Müllejans, MOF Badawi, WHM Raab & H Lang) 2 122-126.

The Effect of a “Resin Coating” on the Interfacial Adaptation of Composite Inlays (PR Jayasooriya, PNR Pereira, T Nikaido, MF Burrow & J Tagami) 1 28-35.

The Effect of Antimicrobial Pre-Treatments on the Performance of Resin Composite Restorations (BM Owens, DY Limn & KL Arheart) 6 716-722.

Effect of Cooled Composite Inserts in the Sealing Ability of Resin Composite Restorations Placed at Intraoral Temperatures: An In Vitro Study (FJ de la Torre-Moreno, JI Rosales-Leal & M Bravo) 3 297-302.

Effect of Delayed Polishing Periods on Interfacial Gap Formation of Class V Restorations (M Irie, R Tjandrawinata & K Suzuki) 5 552-559.

The Effect of Different Types of Flowable Restorative Resins on Microleakage of Class V Cavities (AR Yazici, G Özgünaltay & B Dayangaç) 6 773-778.

The Effect of Flowable Resin Composite on Microleakage in Class V Cavities (AR Yazici, M Baseren & B Dayangaç) 1 42-46.

Effect of Food-Simulating Liquids on the Shear Punch Strength of Composite and Polyacid-Modified Composite Restoratives (AUJ Yap, MK Lee, SM Chung, KT Tsai & CT Lim) 5 529-534.

Effect of Mouthrinses on Microhardness and Wear of Composite and Compomer Restoratives (AUJ Yap, BWY Tan, LC Tay, KM Chang, TK Loy & BYY Mok) 6 740-746.

The Effect of Prophylactic Polishing Pastes and Toothbrushing on the Surface Roughness of Resin Composite Materials In Vitro (AL Neme, WC Wagner, FE Pink & KB Frazier) 6 808-815.

Effect of Surface Finishing and Storage Media on Bi-axial Flexure Strength and Microhardness of Resin-Based Composite (VV Gordan, SB Patel, AA Barrett & C Shen) 5 560-567.

Effect of Surface Roughness of Cavity Preparations on the Microleakage of Class V Resin Composite Restorations (LW Shook, EW Turner, J Ross & M Scarbecz) 6 779-785.

Increment Technique for Extended Class V Restorations: An Experimental Study (R Müllejans, H Lang, Ñ Schüler, MOF Badawi & WHM Raab) 4 352-356.

Influence of Different Repair Procedures on Bond Strength of Adhesive Filling Materials to Etched Enamel In Vitro (C Hannig, P Hahn, PP Thiele & T Attin) 6 800-807.

Radiopacity of Direct Esthetic Restorative Materials (MD Turgut, N Attar & A Önen) 5 508-514.

Simulated Oral Wear of Packable Composites (NL Clelland, SC Villarroel, LA Knobloch & RR Seghi) 6 830-837.

Surface Geometry of Three Packable and One Hybrid Composite After Finishing (M Jung, S Voit & J Klimek) 1 53-59.

Surface Geometry of Three Packable and One Hybrid Composite After Polishing (M Jung, H Bruegger & J Klimek) 6 816-824.

Three Different Methods to Evaluate Microleakage of Packable Composites in Class II Restorations (JB Almeida, JA Platt, Y Oshida, BK Moore, MA Cochran & GJ Eckert) 4 453-460.

Voids and Porosities in Class I Micropreparations Filled with Various Resin Composites (NJM Opdam, JJM Roeters, T de Boer, D Pesschier & E Bronkhorst) 1 9-14.

Wear and Microhardness of Different Resin Composite Materials (EC Say, A Civelek, A Nobecourt, M Ersoy & C Guleryuz) 5 628-634.



Marginal Integrity of Pit and Fissure Sealants. Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation of the Marginal Adaptation Before and After In Vitro Thermal and Mechanical Stressing (MM Stavridakis, V Favez, EA Campos & I Krejci) 4 403-414.

Microleakage Evaluation of a Flowable Polyacid-Modified Resin Composite Used as Fissure Sealant on Air-Abraded Permanent Teeth (HC Güngör, MD Turgut, N Attar & N Altay) 3 267-273.

Variables Contributing to the Quality of Fissure Sealants Used by General Dental Practitioners (D Duangthip & A Lussi) 6 756-764.

(C) Operative Dentistry, 2003