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Chronological List of Articles

Volume 14, 1989
ISSN 0361-7734

Number 1
Number 2
Number 3
Number 4

Volume 14, Number 1


Advertising of Dental Products: In Whose Interest?

Bales, David J.


Disinfection of Visible-light curing Devices

Caughman, G.B., Caughman, W.F., Napier, N., Schuster, G.S.

The Status of a Chemomechanical Caries Removal System in Dental Education

Scrabeck, Jon G., List, Gloria M.

Evaluation of Hand Instruments Used in Operative Dentistry: Hardness and Sharpness

Smith, Gregory E., Clark, Nereyda P.

Pulpal Effects of Composite Resin Restorations

Swift, Jr. Edward J.

Coronal Fractures in Posterior Teeth

Lagouvardos, P., Sourai P., Douvitsas G.

Linings and Caries in Retrieved Permanent Teeth with Amalgam Restorations

Novickas, Donna., Fiocca, Vincent L., Grajower, Rafael.

Effects of Glass Ionomers of Recurrent Caries

Swift, Jr. Edward J.

Point of View

Reflections on Effective Teaching in Operative Dentistry

Jose Medina.


Distinguished Member Award:

A. Ian Hamilton


G.H. Johnson, D.G. Drennon, G.L. Powell ("Accuracy of elastomeric impressions disinfected by immersion")

H.Tal, M. Soldinger, A. Dreiangel, S. Pitaru, ("Responses to periodontal injury in the dog: Removal of gingival attachment and supracrestal placement of amalgam restorations")

D.H. Pratten, G.H. Johnson, ("An evaluation of finishing instruments for an anterior and a posterior composite")

A.H.L. Tjan, J.F. Glancy, ("Effects of four lubricants used during incremental insertion of two types of visible light-activated composites")

C.J. Pierce, E.N. Gale, ("A comparison of different treatments for nocturnal bruxism")

T. Albrektsson & others, ("Osseointegrated oral implants- A Swedish multi-centered study of 8139 consecutively inserted Nobelpharma implants")

J.R. Schleter, A. Reader, M. Beck, W.M. Meyers, ("The periodontal ligament injection: A comparison of 2% lidocaine, 3% mepivicaine, and 1:100,000 epinephrine to 2% lidocaine with 1:100,000 epinephrine in human premolars")

C.S. Chen, D.C. Chan, K.C. ("A quantitative study of finishing and polishing techniques for a composite")

C. Nabers, W. Stalker, D. Esparza, B. Taylor, S. Canales, ("Tooth loss I 1535 treated periodontal patients")

E.L. Pahley, L. Tao, D.H. Pashley ("The sealing properties of temporary filling materials")

Book Reviews

Principles and Practice of Operative Dentistry. Third Edition. Gerald T. Charabeneau, DDS, MS, Editor

Dental Office Hazard Communication Kit. Diane Miller, Bud Miller, Peter Harnack

An Atlas of Removable Partial Denture Design. R.J. Stratton and F.J. Wiebel

Contemporary Fixed Prosthodontics. Stephen F. Rosensteil, MSD, Junhei Fujumoto, DDS, MSD, DDSc

Esthetic Composite Bonding. Techniques and Materials Revised Reprint. Ronald Jordan

Volume 14, Number 2


Scholarly Activities: Part 2

Bales, David J.


A Clinical, Radiographic, and SEM Evaluation of Class 2 Composite Restorations in Primary Teeth

Eidelman, E., Fuks, A., Chosack, A.

Thermal Expansion of Visible-light-cured Composite Resins

Yamaguchi, Ryuji., Powers, John M., Dennison, Joseph B.

Microleakage Channels: Scanning Electron Microscopic Observation

Pashley, D.H., Depew, D.D., Galloway, S.E.

Variations in the Design of #330 Dental Burs

Lambert, Ralph L., Lambert, Ronald F.

Antimicrobial Properties of Glass-ionomer Cements and Other Restorative Materials

Scherer, Warren., Lippman, Nita., Kaim, James.

Evaluation of the Ability of Glass-ionomer Cement to Bond to Glass-ionomer Cement

Scherer, Warren., Vaidyanathan, Jaya., Kaim, James M., Hamburg, Marvin.

Dentinal Bonding after Chemomechanical Caries Removal -Effect of Surface Topography

Wolski, Krystyna., Goldman, Melvin., Kronman, Joseph H., Nathanson, Dan.

Clinical Practice

Adhesive Resin Splint.

Takao Fusayama


Hollenback Prize

Gerald T. Charbeneau

Award of Excellence

A Ian Hamilton


M.F. Donnan, I.A. Ball, ("A double-blind clinical trial to determine the importance of pumice prophylaxis on fissure sealant retention")

L.A Chambless, J.L. Long, J.H. Hembree, RS Staffanou, ("Leakage of various types of alloys at the porcelain-metal interface")

E.K. Hansen, ("In vivo cusp fracture of endodontically treated premolars restored with MOD amalgam or MOD resin fillings")

M.J. Woolford, ("Finishing glass polyalkenoate (glass ionomer) cements")

K.J. Donly, T. Wild, M.E. Jensen, ("Cuspal reinforcement on primary teeth: an in vitro comparison of three restorative materials")

W.P. Kelsey, M.J. Panneton, ("A comparison of amalgam microleakage between a copal varnish and two resin-compatible cavity varnishes")

G. Wexler, D.R. Beech, ("Bonding of a composite restorative material to etched glass ionomer cement")

C.E. Jerome, M.L. Hicks, G.B. Pelleu, ("Compatibility of accessory gutta-percha cones used with two types of spreaders")

C. Causton, J. Sefton, A. Williams, ("Bonding Class II composite to etched glass ionomer cement")

Book Reviews

Endodontology: Biologic Considerations in Endodontic Procedures, Second Edition. Samuel Seltzer, Paul Krasner

Aids: A Guide for Dental Practice. Charles E. Barr, DDS, Michael Z Marder, DDS

Mastering the Art of Complete Dentures. Halperin/Graser/Rogoff/Plekavich

Dental Care for the Elderly. Bertram Cohen, DDS, FDS, FRC, Hamich Thomson, HDD, FDS

Porcelain Laminate Veneers. David A. Garber, DMD, Ronald E. Goldstein, DDS, Ronald A Feinman, DMD

Volume 14, Number 3


On Dental School Reorganization

Bales, David J.


The Need for Operative Dentistry Services: Projecting the Effects of Changing Disease Patterns

Reinhardt, John W., Douglass, Cherster W.

Retentive Pin Systems: a Laboratory comparison of Effectiveness of Seating and Other Characteristics

Harris, Ronald K., Lund, Melvin R.

Repair Bond Strength of Glass-ionomer Restoratives

Robbins, J.W., Cooley, R. L., Duke, E.S., Berrong, J.M.

Surface Characteristics of Glass-ionomer Cements when Treated with Cavity Varnish

O'Hara, James W., Lentz, David L., Taylor, Travis J.

The Retention of Titanium Pins in High-copper Amalgam and Their Influence on Its Fracture Resistance

Brackett, William W., Johnston, William M.

Inhibition in Vitro of Caries around Amalgam Restorations by Bonding Amalgam to Tooth Structure

Torii, Y., Staninec, M., Kawakami, M., Imazato, S., Torii, M., Tsuchitani, Y.

Buonocore Memorial Lecture

Caries Diagnosis within Restored Teeth

Edwina M. Kidd.


J.A. Cameron, ("The use of ultrasound for the removal of smear layer. The effect of sodium hypochlorite concentration; SEM study")

E.K. Hansen, E. Asmussen, ("Efficacy of dentin-bonding agents in relation to application technique")

M.Rosen, L.Z.G. Touyz, P.J. Becker, ("The effect of latex gloves on setting time of vinyl polysiloxane putty impression material")

J.W.V. Van Dijken, P. Hordstedt, ("The effects of GLUMA and GLUMA/Scotch-bond on in vivo marginal adaptation of a composite resin to dentin")

P.M. McInnes-Ledoux, W.R. Lexdoux, R. Weinberg, ("A bond strength of luted capable ceramic restorations")

A.O. Sepic, E.A.Jr. Pantera, E.J. Neaverth, R.W. Anderson, ('A comparison of Flex-R files and K-type files for enlargement of severely curved molar root canals")

J.M. Mixson, J.D. Eick, D.E. Tira, D.L. Moore, ("The effects of variable wash times and techniques on enamel-composite resin bond strength")

Book Reviews

Dental Office Hazard Communication Kit: Second Edition. Diane Miller , Bud Miller, Peter Harnack

Glass-Ionomer Cement. Alan D. Wilson, John W. McLean

Differential Diagnosis of Diseases of the Oral Mucosa. Bengel W, Veltman G.

Inflammation: A Review of the Process. Third Edition. Henry O Trowbridge , Robert C. Emling

Quality Evaluation of Dental Restorations: Criteria for Placement and Replacement

Volume 14, Number 4


Procedural Requirements: Are They Necessary?

Bales, David J.


Glass-Ionomer Cements in Dental Practice: A National Survey

Klausner, L.H., Brandau, H.E., Carbeneau, G.T.

Rubber Dam Usage among Practicing Dentists

Joynt, R.B., Davs, E.L., Schreier, P.J.

Effect of Retarder on Compression Set of An Addition Silicone

Urquiola, N.J., Craig, R.G.

Histological Study of an Acid Red Caries-disclosing Dye

Boston, D.W., Graver, H.T.

Quantitative Evaluation of Approximal Contacts in Class 2 Composite Resin Restorations: A Clinical Study

Wang, J-C., Charbeneau, G.T., Gregory, W.A., Dennision, J.B.

Dental Review

The History of Cavity Preparation in Dental Schools in North America

H.E. Schnepper.


A. Jokstad, ("The dimensions of everyday class-II cavity preparations for amalgam")

H. Harbert, ("Tropical ice: A precursor to palatal injections")

C.D. Torneck, D.C. Smith, N.B. Applebaum, ("Adhesion of a glass ionomer cement to bleached and unbleached bovine dentin")

R.L.Cooley, J.W. McCourt, T.E. Train, ("Bond strength of resin to amalgam as affected by surface finish")

G.J.Pearson, S.M. Hegarty, ("Cusp movement of molar teeth with composite filling materials in conventional and modified MOD cavities.

S. Koenigsberg, A. Fuks, R. Grajower, ("The effect of three filling techniques on marginal leakage around class II composite resin restorations in vitro")

G.W. Raborn, W. McGaw, M. Grace, J.Percy, S. Samuels, ("Herpes labialis treatment with acyclovir 5% modified aqueous cream: A double blind, randomized trial")

Book Reviews

Cariology: Third Edition. Ernest Newbrun, DMD, PhD

Periodontal Control: An Effective System for Diagnosis, Selection, Control and Treatment Planning in General Practice. A.M. Grace, F.C. Smales, FDS

(C) Operative Dentistry, 1989