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New Instructions as of 20 September 2008

Operative Dentistry requires electronic submission of all manuscripts. All submissions must be sent to Operative Dentistry using the Allen Track upload site. Your manuscript will only be considered officially submitted after it has been approved through our initial quality control check, and any problems have been fixed. You will have 6 days from when you start the process to submit and approve the manuscript.  After the 6 day limit, if you have not finished the submission, your submission will be removed from the server.  You are still able to submit the manuscript, but you must start from the beginning. Be prepared to submit the following manuscript files in your upload:

Complete the online form which includes complete author information and select the files you would like to send to Operative Dentistry. Manuscripts that do not meet our formatting and data requirements listed below will be sent back to the corresponding author for correction.






REFERENCES must be numbered (superscripted numbers) consecutively as they appear in the text and, where applicable, they should appear after punctuation.

The reference list should be arranged in numeric sequence at the end of the manuscript and should include:

1.      Author(s) last name(s) and initial (ALL AUTHORS must be listed) followed by the date of publication in parentheses.

2.      Full article title.

3.      Full journal name in italics (no abbreviations), volume and issue numbers and first and last page numbers complete (i.e. 163-168 NOT attenuated 163-68).

4.      Abstracts should be avoided when possible but, if used, must include the above plus the abstract number and page number.

5.      Book chapters must include chapter title, book title in italics, editors’ names (if appropriate), name of publisher and publishing address.

6.      Websites may be used as references, but must include the date (day, month and year) accessed for the information.

7.      Papers in the course of publication should only be entered in the references if they have been accepted for publication by a journal and then given in the standard manner with “In press” following the journal name.

8.      DO NOT include unpublished data or personal communications in the reference list. Cite such references parenthetically in the text and include a date.






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