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Updated January 2018


This instruction page has been streamlined to present the minimum guidelines for a submitted article to be considered for review and possible publication. For detailed information on a specific point, click on the link. All Authors should understand the information provided before submitting an article. First time submitting authors are requested to read all the detailed information before submitting their article.



Operative Dentistry, Inc. adheres to the ethical considerations of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (hereafter “ICMJE”) also known as the Vancouver Guidelines.
Due to increased submission costs we need to pass a 50.00USD portion of those costs on to our submitting authors.
In order for a manuscript to be considered for review in our journal, evidence that appropriate use of ANY human or animal subjects or tissues must be provided.
Clinical Trial articles require registration.
All manuscripts are subject to plagiarism checks.
The Manuscript Submission System will convert the files you submit into pdf files for the ease of electronic sharing. This may take some time.
All submitted manuscripts will be subject to the possibility of online only publication on our online journal site: 
Please be sure you know -and have- all the required documents in the requisite formats before submitting your manuscript.
Operative Dentistry, Inc. provides continuing education credit to Reviewers through ADA CERP.


Our goal is to have a manuscript through the review process (submission to acceptance) in 2 months and from acceptance to publication within 6 months. Please feel free to send any questions about this policy to


A complete guide to manuscript requirements is available in our policy manual
under "manuscript Submission" here, or by going to



Manuscript upload site